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Back To School Ready

Back To School Ready

I always loved it when I was at home with the boys in the Summer holidays when they were younger. We would take trips to the seaside with friends or grandparents. Build den’s in the garden with blankets swung over the climbing frame, or have the paddling pool out ready for dad to join in on his return from work 😊

Summer Fun

The summer always seems to go much quicker now I’m an adult than it did as a child!

It seems that they have only just broken up for the Summer, when it is time to start thinking about what they need to return to school for the new academic year and being back to school ready!

  • Does the uniform still fit?
  • Are the shirts losing their colour or the trousers frayed at the hems?
  • Why is there only ever 1 PE sock that comes home?!
  • The hell of joining the huge queue with lots of other parents to get feet measured and new school shoes bought!
  • And the pencil case that was fine 2 weeks ago, cannot possibly be used in September! (So friends with girls tell me, as my boys probably wouldn’t even notice!)

And then it’s back to school!

back to school uniform

Summer is most definitely over. The nights start to get darker sooner, the leaves on the trees turn orange and another school year has begun.

It’s time to start planning for harvest festivals, Halloween and bonfire night.

Personalised Pencils

If you need some ideas for new back to school items, take a look at our ranges of personalised pencils, back packs, kit bags and drinks bottles here.

pencil cases

Kit Bags

drawstring bags

Are you back to school ready?!

Don't forget the lunchbags!

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