Birthday Presents for BOYS 18th & 21st

Birthday Presents for BOYS 18th & 21st

Birthday Presents for BOYS 18th & 21st 

I don’t know about you, but being a Mum to 3 boys, I sometimes find I really struggle to find fun or unique birthday presents for boys.

In the next few weeks, my eldest two sons turn 18 & 21. (Not planned that well 😉- party central!)

Family Gift Ideas

However, family and friends have been asking what they could get them for birthday gifts? Having a gift shop, you would think it’s easy right?!

Well, no, actually it isn’t! They both have very different likes and dislikes and whilst it would be easy to gift them both money, to do or buy what they would like, grandparents in particular, are still looking for special keepsakes for the ‘big’ birthdays.

When asked what they would like for their birthdays, we got the following:

Mum, no offence, but don’t buy me clothes, I can choose my own!

Ok, a nice watch? Err, no I have my phone.

Campers and BBQ

And so the search begins. We area a family of campers and love to BBQ, so they can be starting points as birthday presents for boys.

Son number 1 will be 21. He likes old cameras, is passionate about music, doesn’t drink and has just split from his girlfriend of 5 years.

However, he is sentimental, and is starting university in September to train as a teacher.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised items in discussion with grandparents currently, that he can keep and will be useful – a pen & pencil set and an engraved compass! Personalised BBQ tool set and apron or a water bottle for ‘school’ are also on the list.

Right, son number 2 then. He will be 18, likes a drink, going out with his friends and visiting his long distance girlfriend. (Actually she only lives 20 minutes up the motorway, but she doesn’t drive and so that does mean he’s at her house more than ours at the moment!)

Apprentice Tradesmen

He is an apprentice joiner and so that does give us a bit more scope for fun presents. Grandparents have at least found something they can get for him that he can keep! Personalised tape measure, hammer and pint glass with bottle opener! Check out the tradesmen gift range here.

His brother wants to get him a carpenter t-shirt and travel mug.


It actually gave me something to think about though, and so we are on the hunt for more gifts suitable for young men and maybe by the time my youngest son turns 18 (he’s 15) we will have a lot more choice of birthday presents for boys!

I’ll keep you posted!

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