Calling all Booklovers!

Calling all Booklovers!

Calling all Booklovers!

Do you love to spend time curled up with a good book? Me too!

In fact, a roaring log fire, a cup of coffee, a stack of books and nothing else to bother me for the day is just bliss and my idea of heaven 😊

I find it really strange that considering I always have a book with me (and a BOOK not a kindle or other such item!), that my kids are reluctant readers?

Reading with children

As small children, I read to them every night before bed from big beautifully illustrated books to fire their imagination. They wouldn’t go to sleep without a story, and to be honest, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, me or them! When they were a little older and got into Beast Quest books, I really struggled with them as they are not my cup of tea at all, but this was the time my husband enjoyed reading time instead.


Both my husband and I enjoy listening to audiobooks on a road trip and generally pick a good thriller. (And yes, we have been known to drive around at the end of a road trip just to finish the book! We know that once we get in the house, it will never be finished, but forgotten about until next road trip!)

After receiving gifts for birthdays and Christmas that were appreciated but not really ‘me’, I started thinking about my love of books and all things book related. I asked my husband why he didn’t just buy me a new book for Christmas and his reply was simple – “You read that much, I never know which books you have already read.” That made me source some fun gifts for booklovers that weren’t books!

Booklover Gifts

I hope you find something special for yourself or for the bookworm in your life, in my collection of booklover gifts.

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