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Easter 2023

Easter 2023 starts with Good Friday on 7th April, although school holidays for the Easter 2023 break vary across the country.

Usually, as a family, we have spent Easter weekend away camping, but unfortunately for us, Easter 2023 may look a little different.

However, on Easter Monday, along with my fellow Prestonians, we are likely to spend the day EGG ROLLING on Avenham Park as usual.

This has always been an Easter tradition in my family and I remember my Grandma telling us stories about when they went egg rolling as children too.

However, this tradition doesn’t appear to be the norm for the rest of the country! When I mention that we are off egg rolling at Easter to those not from Preston, I get some funny looks and lots of questions!

If you would like to know more, please check out this link:


Pack up your favourite Easter treats and your picnic blankets and make a day of it. Don’t forget your painted hard boiled eggs to roll or your chocolate eggs (wrapped in clingfilm!) if you prefer and join in the mass egg rolls that are coordinated during the day for Easter 2023.


If you are looking for some fun Easter gifts for the family this year and would prefer something other than chocolate, we have some fun ideas.


Of course, we must start with an Easter bunny!

This cute little chap has a t-shirt that can be personalised with a short message.

For breakfast on Easter Sunday, how about a cute personalised egg cup? There are several to choose from!


If you are holding your own egg hunt at home for friends or family, a personalised Easter sign is a must!


Maybe you are visiting friends or family? If you are taking some homemade treats, a lovely personalised cake tin for yourself (so you get it back afterwards!) or for your hosts as an Easter 2023 gift would be a great idea.

Personalised mini Easter crates are perfect to hold all those treats found on the egg hunt!


Or maybe a lovely Easter candle as a gift for Grandma.

For those who remember that the Easter is a religious festival, how about a personalised bible or trinket box with rosary beads?

There truly are Easter gifts for everyone! (and not a one involves chocolate!)

Whatever you plan to do, Enjoy Easter 2023.

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