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Father's Day 2023

Father's Day 2023

Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday in June so the date differs slightly each year.

For 2023, Sunday 18th June is Father’s Day in the UK.

But did you know that not every country celebrates Father’s Day on the same date as us? Australia celebrates their Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September, and in Thailand it is December 5th, so if you have family living abroad, it may not mean they have forgotten, just that’s its on a different date!

It is traditional to spend time with families and friends to celebrate the men in your life and to show appreciation for all they do.

We have some lovely gift ideas for Father's Day 2023, depending on what type of person your dad / father figure are.

If they love to fish, why not take a look at our range of gifts for fishermen.


Do they love to spend time in the garden? Do you have special memories of they showing you how to take care of plants and flowers? This personalised garden tool set or a gardening mug would make a special gift.


If you have lots of reasons why your Dad is amazing, say it with a box of 12 personalised pencils that allow you to add a different reason to each pencil!

Is your Dad your Hero? Use a personalised wallet to tell him how you feel!


My own dad can usually be found in the garden pottering about if the weather is good, but when it rains, he will come inside and sit down with a book. Last year it was a gardening gift, so this year it may be a fun reading gift.

My father-in-law loves to spend all his time restoring old cars and if the man in your life likes nothing better than tinkering in a workshop or shed, why not consider a personalised sign for them?

BBQ season has already started in our house, and I have to say, my hubby is the BBQ king! So this year, he will be receiving a personalised BBQ set, but my dilemma is whether or not a suggest a BBQ for Father’s Day?! I feel like maybe me and the kids should be cooking as a treat for him, but then it’s probably the perfect day for cracking open the BBQ……..


Will you be away camping with any Dad’s for Father's Day 2023? Why not treat them to a fun camping-themed gift to take with you?

Fun keyrings and bottle openers make an adorable gift from younger kids.

Or a pint glass to say thanks from teenagers that are constantly asking Dad for money / lifts / help!

For a DIY dad how about a personalised hammer or tape measure?

Don’t forget, that Father’s Day is not just about a biological father, but any males that are great role models to us. So if your father figure or male inspiration is a neighbour, stepdad, teacher or friend, why not treat them to this personalised mug?


If you have younger children and would love to get involved in baking a sweet treat, check out these Father’s Day cupcakes: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/dads-chocolate-drop-cakes


Whatever you choose to do on Father's Day 2023, enjoy 😊

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