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Fishing Tales

Fishing Tales

I will admit, I’m not a fisherman at all!

However, I do remember my Grandad having a small fishing boat and him going fishing at sea with his friends.

He told my brother and I fishing tales whilst mum and grandma were in the kitchen making Sunday lunch, and even tried to teach us to fish during the holidays.

One Sunday in particular, Grandad was late back for lunch and I remember Mum & Grandma being worried about why he was late back. Of course, this was in the days before mobile phones, so it was quite worrying when there was a knock on the door to tell us grandad’s boat had capsized. Thankfully both Grandad and his friend had swam to safety, but that was the end of the fishing boat, and the realisation for me that nature is a very powerful beast.

Gifts for Fishermen

Over the years I have also realised that fishing takes some patience, of which I have very little!


However, camping with the boys when they were smaller, my husband tried fishing with them and our middle son, Charlie, really seemed to take to it one summer. I seem to remember the fishing rod being bigger than him!

The closest I ever really got to fishing myself was with a small net, rock-pooling in Cornwall and crabbing off the harbour in Wales!

That said, we have friends that love nothing better than packing up their fishing tackle and sometimes a small tent and taking off for a few hours or a few days to spend some time at one with nature, so if you have any fishing fans in your family, check out our range of fun fishing gifts and let them regale you with their own fishing tales!

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