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Why a photobook is THE perfect gift.

It doesn't matter what the occasion is, photobook always makes the best gift. Think about it, a photobook for a birthday to celebrate a person's life. Photobook for wedding anniversary to celebrate a couple's love. Photobook for graduation to celebrate the person's journey. A photobook for a colleague who is leaving work, to celebrate the time they spend in that workplace. These are just a few examples.

I can think of at least 101 reasons why a photobook is the perfect gift but I will state here just a few

Personalised gift

I am sure, in the past, you bought flowers, chocolates, kitchen accessories, or a beauty product. They are great gifts, but they won't make the same impact as a photobook. They are great gifts, don't get me wrong, and they are received very well, but they don't make the person feel as special. They are shelf products, everyone can get them.

A photobook is a highly personalised gift, and very bespoke too. You can't find the same one in the shop. It makes the person feel special, appreciated and loved. 


Keepsake forever

Gifts such as chocolates and flowers are beautiful, useful, and enjoyable. But they don’t last long and are eventually forgotten. Chocolates are eaten, flowers are thrown away, and products are finished.

A photobook, on the other hand, will last forever. A photobook will be passed onto future generations. A photobook will stay with the family. And the best part is, that people will enjoy the photobook over and over again, throughout the years. I can promise you this, they will never get fed up.


Shows you've made an effort

Creating a photobook is a big job, everyone knows that. It requires time, thought, and preparation. From looking out for photos, choosing the best ones, and putting the photobook together to printing. It even requires some technical skills not everybody has. And this process takes time, a lot of time.

When you give a photobook it shows how much you put into the gift. It shows how much you love and care about that person, that you have gone through the trouble and created a photobook. Only the effort will be much appreciated.


Everyone will talk about it

You know the moment, at a party when the gifts are being opened and you wait excitedly for your gift to be open. Some gifts will get a ‘wow’, some gifts will get a laugh, some will get a few words comment, and then, they will be placed in a pile of gifts on the table.

But, when your photobook will be unwrapped, it will get a lot more than that. Everybody will want to see it and look through the pages. Everyone will be smiling, laughing, and remembering. It’s the gift everybody will talk about. Not just at the party but every time that person will open it up to share their memories.

One gift for many.

This one is a bit of a hack. One photobook contains a lot of pictures and memories of different people. That’s why you can print a few copies and give them to different people. A great example is grandparents. You can create a photobook, filled with pictures of the grandchildren and gift it to both sets of grandparents (sometimes 3 of 4 if they are separated). Saves you the trouble to think of more gifts!

I never came across someone who got a photobook and didn't like it or threw it away. It’s impossible to not like a book filled with memories and people you love. Photobooks are always received with a smile and appreciation. You should try it!

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