Mum’s Handmade Cards

Mum’s Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards

I am very lucky to have an incredibly talented Mum!

She is very creative and spends a lot of time designing and making the most amazing items, including cards and Christmas decorations.

I remember as child, when the trends for home decorating included techniques such as stencilling borders and sponging walls with paint to make them look textured. Well, every room in the house was revamped! Stencilling, not just walls but furniture too, my Mum set about redecorating. And what a fabulous job she did too!

She is still as creative but in ways that are contained (mainly) to one room! My Mum will spend hours painstakingly folding, glittering, gluing tiny components to make the most wonderful cards!

Wedding Cards 

Mother's Day or Father's Day

All of the handmade cards that I sell are loving made by her. Cards for new babies, weddings, Father’s and Mother’s day or Christmas, birthdays and starting school.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation

She has recently started with First Holy Communion and Confirmation cards too.

Birthday Cards

On occasion we have been asked through the website for cards made to a specific theme and she has created children’s birthday cards featuring unicorns, animals and pirates!

Bespoke Cards

Whatever theme or occasion you need a card for, I’d bet that Mum could make it!

I only wish I had her talents, but unfortunately I am less creative. I do however love to bake 😊

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