Religious Occasions

Religious Occasions

Religious Occasions

I have been brought as a Catholic and remember fondly my First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

First Holy Communion

I also remember being in processions around the church on what I think were Holy Days. Girls wore the white dress and veil that they wore for First Holy Communion and boys wore grey or black tailored shorts, white shirts and, depending on the Holy Day, either a red or blue tie.

The girls carried little posies of flowers and I always remembered that I carried freesias wrapped in tin foil and a doily! The smell was amazing, and I still love the scent of freesias even now 😊

Religious Occasion Gifts

Different Faiths

My husband is non-denominational, although he was baptised Church of England. His mum was Catholic, his dad Methodist and he spent some of his childhood living in Saudi Arabia, so a real mixed bunch!

All three of our boys attended catholic schools, but we have many wonderful memories of Christmas Eve spent in our local church that hosted mixed denomination Carol Concerts. One Christmas Eve, that was particularly special, we walked to church pulling the three boys behind in a sledge, along the snow and ice. The boys were very small but they all remember that occasion!

Catholic Gifts

When I was younger and at a Catholic school, we were only taught about Catholicism and so now I rely on friends of other faiths teaching me about their traditions and festivals.

Interestingly, now children at all schools are taught aspects of many different religions, giving them a broader knowledge of other people’s beliefs.

Eid Gifts

In our range of religious gifts I have tried to include items for different faiths, but if there is something you are looking for that we don’t stock, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.


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