About Us

About Us

Oxheys Trading are a family business that specialise in personalised gifts UK. We have ranges of gifts to suit everyone and every occasion. From birthdays to retirement and everything inbewteen.

Early in 2020, as lockdown hit, I struggled to find nice gifts for family and friends for birthdays and other occasions.

This was around the same time that I started to think about what my purpose was in life and where I was going. I didn’t feel fulfilled anymore and realised how much I got from seeing the faces of family and friends when the gifts I gave them made them smile.

I wanted to be able to provide that as a service and started to look for gifts with themes around camping, books and tradesmen. (My three loves!)

My shop has grown and I now provide gifts for all occasions and specialise in personalised gifts.

Why Choose Oxheys Trading? 

As this is a family business, I am happy to speak to my customers on a one to one and help them to arrange the perfect gift that they require, adding extras that may not be available on the website.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat to discuss any requirements that you can’t see on my store. 😊