The Gift Concierge Service

The Gift Concierge Service

Recently, there seems to have been more of a demand for customers needing with help choosing gifts for family and friends.

We all have things that are important to us that we need and want to spend time on. Maybe it’s that you are busy at work, raising a family, building your own business, or looking after elderly parents?

Time is so precious that everyone wants and needs to use it wisely. Some people love to spend hours choosing the perfect gift for each occasion. Other people would love to, but time restraints mean that they can’t afford to spend their time on this task. Let us help you.

Do you wish you could have someone to choose a gift for your sister’s wedding or your nephew’s birthday?

Do you struggle to remember the dates to all those special occasions?

If you wish you could have someone to remind you that it is your niece’s birthday / mum and dad’s wedding anniversary / brother’s retirement, then you need our gift concierge service. It’s a FREE service designed to help people remember dates and choose gifts without them having to dedicate too much of their own time to the task.

The gift concierge service will save securely, dates of any special occasions that you would like reminders for. You will then be reminded a month in advance and offered some ideas for the perfect gift.

If you would rather just be able to find gifts for a number of occasions at one go, so that you are prepared for all the occasions over the next few months, again, the gift concierge service can help.

If this FREE service would be of use to you, please contact me to discuss your requirements further on or telephone 07709 140125