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Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug

Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug

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Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug

Are you searching for gifts with FUNNY TRADESMAN QUOTES?

This Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug with lid features the phrase:

Carpenter – because other trades need superheroes too!

If you know someone who is a carpenter, joiner or woodworker, then this Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug is perfect!

Sure to provoke lots of banter amongst other trades on a job!

This insulated travel mug is perfect to keep your favourite beverage hot while outdoors.

All Carpenters NEED this travel mug!

  • This travel mug will keep your delicious coffee (or any other beverage) piping hot
  • It is made of white coated stainless steel – Making it durable and resistant to rust, staining and corrosion
  • It is Leak-proof - The plastic lid prevents liquid from spilling
  • This travel mug will hold your favourite beverage at the right temperature for hours on the go – no more lukewarm coffee!
  • Black plastic lid

Carpenter – because other trades need superheroes too!

The best outdoor gifts for family, friends or co-workers!  We even have matching items, including t-shirts and hoodies available.

This Irreplaceable item for a busy everyday life will keep your drinks nice and hot and is THE PERFECT GIFT for the carpenter in your life!!!

NOT available in stores.


Carpenter Superhero Travel Mug

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